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I was diagnosed with overian cancer November 2018 Stage 4, low grade.  I had debunking surgery and 18 weeks of chemo, carboplatin and Abraxine.  I will take Letrozole for life.   There was still overian cancer remaining in my left breast and a lymph node under my left arm.  I had surgery May 1 to remove the lump and node.  I was told that was the only remaining cancer seen.  I go back to have a CT scan and my follow up appt late June.  I am very nervous about the follow up.  How do I get past the worry that any little ache is the cancer? And the worry that it is coming back?


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    Hi Tigger,

    Thanks for sharing you story and reaching out. 

    Worry is a challenge for all of us and there isn't one, single way to get over it.

    I simply had a talk with myself a few months after treatment and decided it would be a waste of my healthy time to worry about being sick again and opted just to enjoy the moments I had, hoping, of course, I would have many moments of NED.  It has been over 9 years now and I would be lying if I said I didn't get nervous when something has felt off. 

    You might be interested in this book: Mindfulness-Based Cancer Recovery: A Step-by-Step MBSR Approach to Help You Cope with Treatment and Reclaim Your Life

    Good luck.  I hope you find peace.