Feeling like a crazy hypochondriac.

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Hi all. Just looking for some unbiased opinions. I had an APR about 18 months ago. Followup CT scans show a ? fluid collection near my anastamosis site. It has been increasing in size. Also my CEA Which dropped slightly after surgery, has been increasing every 3 months and now is higher than before my treatment. I asked my Oncologist if it is possible that cancer cells are in this area. He actually smircked and said no, but had no answer why the increase in size and CEA. Said I need to go back to surgeon (in a different city). Really feel like he's rinsing his hands of me. TIA for any insite.


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    I would also be going to the surgeon or another Oncologist for a second opinon.  I don't think you are being a hypochondirac at all. You are being cautious, as you should be. 

    We say it over and over again, be your own advocate. If you are worried, get someone to give you a direct answer, and don't give up until you do. 

    Good luck! I know you must be terribly worried. 


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    A second opinion

    Any doctor that poo poo's a situation that you are concerned about needs to be evaluated by another doctor.  Go back to the surgeon in that city if you feel comfortable with the job that they did and ask them about it.  Don't let this go as it might be nothing, or something.  Better to find out and put your mind at rest. Let us know how it goes.


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    I agree. Ask for someone else

    I agree. Ask for someone else. I changed oncs and am so glad I did. I adore my new one who I've now been seeing for several years. The first one was wishy washy, not rude, but she really let me down at one point. And when my new one was on sabbatical the onc that replaced her was jst as wonderful. This is our lives, we must be able to have trust in the people taking care of us. A doctor would smirk at me once and it would be the last time he got that opportunity.  All I did was tell my surgeon I wanted a new onc and he arranged it for me.

    I'm blessed to have a fabulous family doctor as well. I feel like the people who are in charge of saving my life and keeping me alive are doing their best and that's a huge help mentally.


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    Thanks everyone! I know

    Thanks everyone! I know sometimes I can be over sensitive and just wondered if this was one of those times. Will be talking to surgeon this week. Thanks againLaughing