The C: Section Chronicles - Reflection day

Bob Watt
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The C: Section Chronicles - Reflection day.
Sometimes you look back and think about the milestones you worked towards and how relieved you are when you reached them.

In the 1980's my family sold up our home and moved to Palmerston North so I could study to be a teacher.

At the beginning of 1986 graduation in 1990 was so far off it looked an impossible journey. I was honoured to be president of the graduation ceremony, and deeply relieved that I had made it to the end.

You see, people that really know me also know that I have a tendency to start things and not finish them. Finishing college and receiving not only a diploma in teaching but also a degree was something that I never ever thought I could accomplish.

Why am I writing this? Well, when I first started my cancer treatment, that 6 weeks looked so long, and recovery afterward also looked liked bleak times ahead. But thanks to the support of family and friends and a great oncology team, here we are.

Which brings me to my next point... On the 30th May 1980 Jeanette and I got married. This year we celebrate 39 years of marriage... How she has put up with me for so long I do not know, but then that is another story ;D.

The moral(?) behind this post is that no matter what gets thrown at us, milestones are there to help us grow and move forward. Sometimes it is really good to look back on what you have accomplished and not worry about the things you have given up on.