New treatment round one

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It has been two days since my treatrement for Stage 4 Rectal Cancer (met liver). It consistent of Irinotocan, Oxaliplatin and Luccovarin? + Avastin and a take home 5FU. I mainly feel the extreme fatigue and have seen substansial hair loss. The PICC install was painless, and doesnt bother me at all. I had a reaction from the Luccovarin combined with Oxi, extreme itchiness . I have three more rounds to go and a scan to see if my 2 inch met has shrank. My diet has since been clean with the ocassional sugar free vanilla latte.  My genetics results came in today, I know because i missed the call. This is my new normal. 


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    So sorry that you are going through all of this.  Fatigue, and cold sensitivity is going to be your friend for awhile until you can get through these treatments.  Be careful with the cold as it can come with the slightest temperatures especially if you get around air conditioning or in the produce department at a store.  Wishing you the best continuing the rest of your treatments and a very successful scan coming up.


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    What are they about the Leucovorin reaction? That sounds awful!

    I also had substantial hair loss. Be sure to wear a hat when you go out in the sun, becasue the exposed scalp can be very sensitive.

    It sounds like you are already having quite the ride. good luck as you go forward, and heres praying for good results on your upcoming CT Scan.