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Hello to all of you beautiful souls. Hoping life is catching you all with gentl hands. I had to share this. I worked in my flower beds and yards all day today. This evening, my neighbor walked over and we were chatting. I didn't even pay attention to her swatting and hitting her arms and legs until it finally got the best of her. She looked at me and asked me what kind of spray I had used to keep them away. I smiled and said, "chemo" I was in shorts, flops and a tee-shirt out there all day and not ONE bite. If I even saw the word mosquitoe befoe, it would leap off the page and bite me. The KNOW and they don't want ANY!!.{#emotions_dlg.laughing}.lol..Hugs, M


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    It is true

    I was immune to all bug bites during and for a long while after chemo.  I still rarely get bitten, so maybe there is residue left in my system. 


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    I never did have much trouble

    I never did have much trouble with mosquitoes but, as you say, now I never get stung. Not even those little sand flies or chiggers or whatever they're called that make those super itchy bumps on my legs.


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    Greenhead Flies don't care

    Wish the demonic greehead flies that love to hang out at our little river shack in Maryland didn't like the taste of chemo--doesn't seem to phase them! And they always find the center of your back to bite lol.

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    Bug magnet

    Unfortunately, I am a bug magnet.  I do not remember if I got bites while on chemo, but I guess I have been off it long enough that they find me a tasty snack.