FIT and Cologuard: Conflicting Results - CT Colonography Results



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    FIT and Cologuard: Conflicting Results - Pathology Report

    All,  I finally received the pathology report (in the mail) on the 2 cm sessile polyp that was removed on Oct. 23.  The polyp was classified as a tubulovillous adenoma - benign polyp.  The GI doctor recommends a followup colonoscopy in one year due to size.  I think one year is too soon as I am sure that it took at least a decade, if not longer, for the polyp to reach that size.  :-)   

    Not certain what this result means for the validity of the Cologuard test.  I had a single benign polyp and the Cologuard test is supposed to flag DNA associated with cancerous polyps and masses.  One thing for certain, I will NOT be taking that test again!

    Thanks to everyone on this discussion board for your thoughts and support.  


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    Happy news

    I am happy to hear that all is well. 

    I would definitely give the cologuard a miss, knowing that it has decieved you once. 

    You know your own body, and you will know when to get your next Colonoscopy. 

    Now you get to leave the forum, never to come back. Have a long and very happy life. 


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    Great on the results.   Due to the size of the polyp, it's just a precautionary step to make sure you don't have more polyps growing.  The doctor might have you come back in 5-7 years the next time, but rest assured that in one year nothing of significance should grow that fast, but better to be safe if that's what doctor recommends.  Ultimately it's up to you though. Wishing you the best.