Has anybody here had the same cancer as Lance Armstrong?


ok ok so I know I am a woman, but I have had the same cancer as lance Armstrong and I was just wanting to know what others experience of it is?? I dunno... I am just totally feel overwhelmed at the moment

here Is my story... last August I had a incredibly bad pains in my stomach and back... like vomit inducing crippling pain like the kind of pin you get if you have eaten something you shouldn’t of but it just wouldn’t pass, it just got more and more intense and I can’t begin to explain the fear I felt, anyways I went to hospital and they did a CT explaining i was presenting with typica kidney stones... fast forward to the night and I was in a hospital bed saying they had found a mass on my ovary and all my blood levels for cancer were high... (i had no other symptoms prior to this whatso) I had to have more scans to see if it had spread to my lungs (it handnt) and then they removed my ovary the cancer and my tube. 

Wheb I got the results my oncologist told me that I have the same cancer as Lance Armstrong and that it is much more rare in women, they seem to have got it all out so I’m under survailence for the next five years. 

I don’t know what more to say it has just taken the wind out of me all of this, every time I go for my appointments I’m the youngest person there and I’m just surrounded by death, which breaks my heart

i feel like I have nobody to talk to who understands because it is so rare 

nobody gets it because it could literally grow back anywhere... when I get a headache I think cancer, when I ha any sort of pin anywhere in my body I think... cancer!! 

god I’m going on and on... I just want to talk to someone who understands 


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    Yes I had the same type. For men, it's one of the easiest to cure as it is very chemo sensitive. For some reason, despite women being able to get EC, ovarian is alot tougher to treat than testicular. EC almost never comes back after treatment for men, but for women, it might. Its been a few years now. How is your experience??