Have you guys heard of sulforaphane?

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I was just poking around on the PubMed site (as I often do, I know, I should get a life)

I happened across an article where they were testing how you could increase the anticancer activity of 5-FU by adding in sulforaphane, which is a naturally occurring compound in broccoli and other members of that family (but found up to 200% higher concentrations in broccoli microgreens) 

Basically, the article is saying that the combination of the compound caused the 5-FU to be effective even at lower dosages, so that might be something to consider if you are having trouble with the 5-FU. 


I think I will be adding some broccoli microgreens to my juicing!


The full article is here: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6278648/


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    Thanks for sharing this!

    Thanks for sharing this!


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    Go For The Broccoli “Sprouts” sulp

    So glad to see someone checking this out! Broccoli sprouts are where you will get the mother load of sulphurophane. I add the sprouts to salads or anything .. they are packed with it and it is sooooo good for you. Good luck with your supplement plan!!...M

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    Brocco Max

    There is also a supplement called Broccomax that I sometimes take in addition to eating liberal amounts of broccoli.