Bronchitis After Lobectomy

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Hi all. I’m new on this site. I’m a lung cancer survivor (2016) and a 2 time breast cancer survivor (2004 and 2008). My lung cancer was treated with a lower left lobectomy in May 2016.

My question is about colds/infections after a lobectomy. Before lung cancer I rarely even got colds. Now, I seem to get them more frequently. Just this past December I had bronchitis for the first time ever! (I am 63 years old.) And this week, I am having the same symptoms I had back in December, making me worry I’m going to get bronchitis again. 

My question for those of you who have had a lobectomy - are infections like bronchitis, flu, pneumonia more common after a lobectomy? 




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    I had lobectomy in February 2016 and recovered fine, had radiation and they scared my lungs during treatment. Since all of that I had trouble breathing for a while but I also experienced more cold/flu like symptions than ever before. I take Air Borne with vitimin C about once a week to help prevent and fight off any cold like wymptons. Maybe I just notice it more since I had the lobectomy but I'm very cautious about it. I'm 73 so maybe I am more likely to chatch these things anyway but I do everything I can for preventative measures and it has helped. Give it a try it can't hurt. Hope something works for you. I know it is worrysome but hang in there.

    I've had cancer again Dec. 2018 and did chemo and radiation in February and March qnd it seems that I am always doing preventative things to prevent coughing, wheezing, and breathing. Its doable but it takes constant attention every day. I never took pills before so this was new to me. Now I'm in a habbit of doing this every day - it's a pain in the **** but I had to adjust to it.

    You can do this if I can. Just be comitted to taking care of yourself every day.

    Cancer sucks but I'm still here and yu are still here.

    i try to enjoy every day and be thankful for every one of them.