Low Back Pain

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About a month ago, I developed a pain in my low back/hips.   If I lay down in bed, even for a short time, and I stand up, it's there.   Kind of a knot with shooting pain.   After being up and around all day, it slowly gets better.   By the end of the day it's pretty much gone and I start over again the next day.    It's been so bad in the mornings I can barely walk.   Had x-rays done and they said just mild arthritis.   Muscle relaxers don't do much and don't stop it.   Ice helps and when I sit in my recliner I bought for my surgery, it helps my back relax.

I don't go in for scans until July.   Anyone have this issue due to their RCC?   Not trying to be paranoid.   It's just kind of strange that it hasn't cleared up and comes back after laying in bed every night.


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    My thoughts

    Low back pain can be from anything and everything. Not something that the scans will likely answer. I had it before my nephand it went away after my neph. I've also had it countless other times. 





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    I'm hoping it's just a back

    I'm hoping it's just a back ache.   I'm sure it is and definately can deal with it over time.  

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    Pain in the back

    Everyone's body reacts differently. You could ask if physical therapy would help. I've heard good things about acupuncture and cant go wrong with a nice massage. I went to a chiropractor once I was able to drive again.

    I didn't' sleep well for a while after the surgery, add stress to that equation and I'm grinding my teeth, clenching my legs together while sleeping (causing hip pain) plus shooting pain through my sides. You never know what nerves were damaged and are now recovering.  I'm almost 9 months and still get pain and swelling at the incision site when I do something active (yoga, bike riding, sex) I was told I would be fine a few months down the line. I was also very active and relatively young.

    I really trust my surgeon to find and remove tumors. As far as aftercare I've had a lot of contradictions between him, nurses, the fellows and other people's experiences. Stress seems to hang out in lower backs. They're very easy muscles to make sore, pull or get aches in. Try light stretching in bed before getting out also in evenings on a thicker mat if you have one.

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    I have had it for a long time

    I have had back pains before my 1st kindey radical nephrectmony

    The pain was there even after operation for 1 year or so--we did xray and all was OK I had a whole body bone scan 4 years later and all was OK

    I started hunching back on side after the operation and my guess is that caused my back pain


    So it can be as simplae as that --but you seem to have sutantiably more pain --I would recommend to speak with Dr and check it out --can  be something simple like muscle pull also!


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    You were stage 1, grade 1...

    You were stage 1, grade 1....so I really dont think it is anything at all related to cancer.  That being said, if it persists and it just doesnt feel right to you get an MRI of your back.

    My two cents on massage and chiropracters....I am so thankful that we didnt let anyone push, poke, or massage my husbands aches and pains.  He did have bone mets and it could have been disastrous to apply pressure to various sites.

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    I don't have any advice, but empathy. I know what you're going through. Before if I had a sore back from sleeping wrong or from sports, I wouldn't give it a second thought. Now if I get a sore back, my first worry is always that it's cancer-related. Especially if it's on my left side. 

    For me, I've just been taking it easy when it starts to get sore. Remind myself that it's probably nothing, but listen to my body and be ready to reach out to the doctor if need be. 

    Good luck!

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    Hi Cybball

    I had back pains for probably two years off and on after surgery. Different opinions were, "It's the nerves healing", "It's the trauma of surgery", etc. Sometimes it was on my left side (where there never has been a kidney!) or in my back, or abdomen. As eug said, I always feared the worst. But it seems like it has all settled down. I've had other low back pain (unrelated to surgery - just age) and did some physical therapy and lots of exercises - some in the pool, which are really helpful with flareups. Here's hoping for easing of pain and the stress and anxiety that go with it. Take care -

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    Hi Cyball,

    I am currently going through the same thing! I'm in physical therapy to help. My cocyx and both my hips are very achy and stiff. So much it hurts to drive, any kind of sitting and sleeping on my back. My legs have been achy to, along with my ankles, knees, shoulders haha.. I have a laundry list of health problems! Just been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, so some of that is related to my aches and pains. Not sure about my tail bone though. I To feel like it could be a recurrence.  Stretching does help some of the pain. I'm trying to get back into yoga, that usually helps. Good luck and hopefully we can get some answers!

    Take care,


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    Low back pain

    My mom is stage 4 renal and she has a lot of back pain.  We kind of hope that it is a sign that the cancer tissue is dying away.  But knowing the side affects of the oral chemo she is currently taking, it is most likely a servere side affect.  It causes her muscles to be very dehydrated and not work right which makes movement painful.   I don't know if this will help at all.  My mom cycles through Ibu and Acet (Advil and Tylenol) for the pain.  She tries not to use TOO much though as she already has enough issues.  BUT, a heating pad used on a regular basis seems to help relieve some pain as well.  

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    Thanks everyone.   Thought I

    Thanks everyone.   Thought I would give a quick update.   Back pain has pretty much gone.   It took nearly 2 months.   No clue what happened.  I must have either pulled/torn something that eventually healed, or it was my spine alignment when sleeping.   My wife, mom, and a friend from work that just had back surgery all all me to put a pillow between my knees when sleeping to help straignten out my spine.   I started doing that and a week or two later things cleared up.   Not sure what happened, but glad it is gone and not something due to cancer as far as I know.    

    I go in for my 1 1/2 year scan July 8, so I'll probably be able to really rule that out then.   Cool