Biopsy on buccal mucosa

Hello. New here unfortunatey. 

Yesterday I had a biopsy performed on my buccal mucosa. (Inner cheek) I was referred to the oral surgeon after my dentist found some white, rough patches on both sides of my inner cheeks in the back. I had felt them about a month before but honestly didn't think anything of it since there was no pain or anything. 

Understandably I am freaking out as I wait to hear on the results. The surgeon tells me it will be two weeks!! I am no doctor, but  doesn't that seem to be a rather long wait ? I am going on three months now from the time I first noticed it , until now when my dentist became aware. 

The surgeon wasn't about to give me any false hope so he pretty much just handed out generic accolades ("we won't know until the biopsy comes back" or... "this is probably nothing, but we have to be sure") 

I guess I'm just wondering from those of you who have been there already and received the worse possible diagnosis; how do you NOT allow your mind to take you dark? I am mentally trying to prepare for the worst while hoping for the best, but logically I know that things are worse than they let on or I wouldn't have needed a biopsy. How can I possibly remain calm for forteen days wondering if this is it for me. Wondering if all this waiting around is allowing something horrible to spread even further?? 

Thank you in advance for any advice. I am a worrier by nature.