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This is getting really old, really fast.

My insurance company decided to reject the Vitrakvi, claiming they need proof I have the NTRK fusion and that there are no conflicting mutations.

Errr .... isn't the Foundation One report proof of that? The ... blank?

 I am pretty darn sure the doctor is going to appeal the crud out of this, and I know that Doxo/Bayer claims it will work with companies re the cost to insurance and to me, but I am getting sick and tired of insurance games.

In the meantime, I need to know how those gallstones are doing in there. I know I had them in March, and since then, I've been having rising CA-125 levels. Trending my CA-125s personally since October, it really seems to me that some nonsense in there is affecting the numbers ... some sort of infection or inflammation. I've had it go up within a week of four separate abdominal issues. Maybe my gallstones aren't an issue and the pain is my imagination, but I'm sick of my imagination affecting my sleep and a couple of times, waking me up out of a sound one. I want to see what the next scan says, then ask my med onco if she knows of a gastroenterologist who can give my stones a second look-see. Upper right side tender (the one side NOT mentioned on the last CT scan), pain in lower breastbone/upper stomach area, etc. I wouldn't be surprised if I had ulcers instead... or maybe even ulcers AND gallstones. Stress? Nah ... not at all! 

A heatng pad/hot bath helps a lot, but I can't spend the day with a heating pad strapped to me!

Oh ... and the sinsuses from Hell are joining in. Lots of nosebleeds, congestion and/or drooling at night. The drooling just looks so, so sexy! This has been going on since March as well. From what I've read, and from talking to other women with endometrial cancer, that can also affect a CA-125.

I've had better days, that's for darn sure! :) The insurance company was just the cherry on top.


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    State Dept of Insurance

    Always know you have the option of going to your state dept of insurance to complain. Insurance companies hate when you do that!  I hate it that when you’re fighting your hardest to survive, you have to fight your insurance company too. It just sucks!