Post op question - feelings.

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So the recovery is ongoing, and I'm on the up. I wanted to ask something here to my nephed brethren as yo post surgery issues.

The scars are healing well. The area where the big incision was made, were my kidney came out, is of course still sensitive. Around and below it. What I've noticed since last weekend was some sensitivity in my left testicle. Which, of course, wasn't there before surgery.

I called my urologist and they told me that it was normal and to call if it became worse. I googled around (of course) and it seems to be something of an after effect on a portion of patients and it goes away after some time. On a scale from 1 to 10, where one is "meh" and 10 is "OMGOSHIMDYING!" this registers as a 1.5...when it happens. So for example, sometimes when I'm sitting down or when I take a shower. I of course checked myself using guidelines publishes around the web for that and can't discern any lumps or anything out of the ordinary there. Weight is fine, urine is fine, and I'm not sexually active as it is too soon after surgery. I have indulged myself in the occasional glass of red wine, but that's the only thing that has changed w/r/t my lifecycle. I also had a brief gout flare up after surgery, which could be related.

So I wanted to ask members here. Someone has experienced something similar. This being my first major surgery ever has made me hyper aware of everything that my body feels. Not quite an hypocondriac, though. :-P


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    Pain and discomfort?

    I also had swelling down there a couple days after I got home. Swelling like call the Dr swelling! Was told it was not uncommon and to use ice. At first follow up it was explain and it happens. I go by if I'm in pain it shouldn't bother my medical team. If you can fill out your bio it helps to see where you are on your journey. You've been run over by a truck and healing is slow. Its normal to think about the things that bother you post op then before. Hoping there's no more bumps in your quick recovery. And wine should be enjoyed now more than ever. Have a great weekend.

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    Things Happen

    Surgery is actually quite complicated and things happen while you are blissfully sleeping.  And as you are totally out, they don't need to be too gentle, just get things done. How many tubes did you have hanging off you when you awoke?  And from where?

    So not everything you feel now has an obvious explanation, at least not to you.  

    I doubt that it is medically significant - chill out and let recovery do its own thing.  You will forget about this when you recover your full strength, sexual prowess and all.  Give it a few weeks, I reckon.

    Good luck,




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    that’s a pain in the balls

    I think I remember pain there. Felt like I aat on them by accident. From what my surgeons told me (I had back to back partial neph and hernia) since I’m thin I may be more sensitive to these weird pains all over. I went in and got checked- too much Probably. Paranoias not a good friend. The nerves they cut could be coming back to life gradually and causing new sensations. I’m 6 months out from the kidney surgery and I still swell up and get weird pain whenever I work out. They both said it could be a year feeling new things. Good luck