Completed radiation Oct 1 2018 for vocal cord cancer. Stage T1

Still very fatigued..lots of mucus..coughing and very dry

Now dr says I have the beginning of COPD.   I'm finding  I'm using the rescue inhaler more often. Has anyone else had this problem after radiation. I'm 71 yrs old and also an 18 yr survivor of stage 3 breast cancer.


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    You are Still

    In the recovery phase of your treatment. This is a slow process, unfortunately. It may be a while till the fatigue lifts completely as it looks like you are a little over 6 months out of treatment and the mucus may be a bit longer as per individual also. I don't know about your case but I had 35 radiation treatments and at least 3 chemo treatments. The Rad nurse told me right out you may as well figure a year of your life for treatment and recovery. So be patient-hang in there-make sure you get enough nutrition, drink plenty of fluids, get rest if you feel you need it, don't feel guilty, Use salt and baking soda mix to rinse your mouth and combat the mucous as much as needed. Between the mix and drinking more and spitting out buildup, it should help your coughing. This is a slow process measured in weeks and months. As the days go by you will just realize you are feeling better a little bit at a time and sometimes almost unnoticeable and will continue to improve,  and each day will be a little better and a little brighter. The treatment is harsh and affects you greatly in many ways and I am thinking given some more time maybe even a year or more than that this COPD thing may recede and just be a by-product of the whole thing you are dealing with. God Bless

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    Thank you for your coment.

    Thank you for your coment..trying to be patient..another scope coming up in a couple weeks..I have them every 2 months...good thoughts your way..hope you are still doing ok