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3 month Ct scan chest, abdomen, pelvis was NED! My first of hopefully many visits from Uncle Ned who I am throwing out the door quickly so he. Can come to visit all of you! So relieved as they had not done a chest or pelvic ct before my surgery and I was concerned there might have been something hiding from the x rays.  Thank you all for the support this past week! Trying to mentally absorb all that’s happened in the last three months, in some ways it feels like a lifetime has passed in such a short time.



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    So happy for you Dominick.

    So happy for you Dominick. Now you can relax a bit and hopefully Uncle Ned already put you on his next "must visit" list. Yes, it is hard to absorb all this and the anxiety can really do your head in. Hopefully you'll breathe a little easier now.

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    good to hear

    It never gets old hearing any good news, thanks for sharing! 2 year scans set for end of May let the headgames begin.

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    Awesome news

    Thanks for sharing Dominick.  Here's to many many more!!


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    Great news!

    Great news!

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    Great news!!!

    Glad the good tests results put you at ease.  Best of health going forward-June

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    Congrats! Keep it going! 

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    Congrats on the good news, wish you a yearly uncle NED visit. 

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    Thank you for sharing, here’s to many more visits from our favorite uncle!

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    Wonderful news!

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    Great News!

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    Great news!!!

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    Excellent! :-) From now on

    Excellent! :-) From now on NED won't leave you alone :-)

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    Congrats on being Ned!

    Congrats on being Ned!


  • Congratulations.  Always nice

    Congratulations.  Always nice for NED to pay a visit.

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    Thank you all so much for

    Thank you all so much for your kind words and more importantly for your encouragement the last few months! I don't know where I would have been without it!  

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    Awesome news!!! A visit from
    Awesome news!!! A visit from Uncle NED is always a great feeling.
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    YAAY! Yes, be excited! Whew~

    YAAY! Yes, be excited! Whew~

    Thanks for sharing; it helps others and gives HOPE!

    Continued healing and NED!


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    Excellent news!! 

    Excellent news!! 

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    Im sure a huge relief!  It gives us all hope.