Rectal bleeding after 2 radiation/chemo days normal??

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I had not been having much bleeding at all until today.  Been constipated....taking stool softners and Miralux without any luck yet.  Now, soon after my 2nd radiation I have been passing a lot of blood whenever I have to go to the bathroom.  Nothing else is coming out except the blood.  Is this normal??  Could it be from the chemo...that was started 2 days ago.  I have a constant urge "to go" but all that I pass is bright red blood and sometimes lots of it.


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    Oh gosh....I feel like this is likely related to the initial effect of either the chemo or the radiation or both but to make sure maybe you should call and see what your doctor (or on call nurse) has to say...I assume you go in for radiation tomorrow so otherwise be sure to mention it then. 

    This is the point where on some issues I am not fully able to help and that frustrates me in some ways unless related to the same situation. I had surgery for an ostomy prior to the start of radiation due to the size and location of my tumor so my side effects were a little different that way. I did however have some bleeding in the beginning but assumed it was from the surgery...maybe it wasn't??? Right before I started "everything" I was passing lots of blood sometimes even clots so maybe its just coincidence in timing with the start of treatment. 

    Please let us know what you learn.


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    As katheryn has said, since you will be getting radiation treatment today, you need to mention this to the nurse or rad techs and have them bring this to the attention to your radiation oncologist.  It may be nothing of concern, but definitely should not be ignored.  I hope it's just normal reaction to the treatment.

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    Pain in the bum

    I had bleeding before, during, and after treatment. Its probably fine but for peace of mind check with your doctors. They really don’t mind lots of questions. You’ve almost got one week down!

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    Before I had treatment, I had

    Before I had treatment, I had a little bleeding, and then one week a lot of bleeding. Since you are so new into treatment, it could be just cancer causing more bleeding than it has in the past, and not related to treatmetn.  But be sure to mention it to them.  Good luck in your treatment.  Best wishes!!! Our thoughts are with you.