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Hello it's been a hard battle with my mom's cancer. She was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer, at the time of diagnosis she was also battling a bad infection. The infection almost claimed her life, her mother had the same experience 1 year earlier with pancreatic cancer but had passed due to the infection she had that wasn't diagnosed.

My mom when she was first diagnosed had a CA 125 count of 1,800. The specialist told her we'll only focus on chemo because she was fighting for her life everyday. Fast forward 8 months, she responded extremely well to chemo treatment and had her debulking done. Was told her surgery was a success, all traceses of CA was gone and she was in remission. She's been off her maintenance for roughly 4 months now and all signs showing she's slowly getting back to normal neutrophil levels. Today the doctor decided to do a random CA 125 test it came back at 1,500. A CT scan was immediately scheduled for tomorrow.


I am extremely worried about this CA 125 result, she said she felt her sinuses maybe infected. Because my dad was sick the week before with sinus issues. Apparently we all suffer with chronic sinus problems. Could an infection be the culprit of such a high CA 125 number? I only question this because of her original diagnosis. Also her specialist told her to Live a normal life not to worry, they'll be testing her blood once a month (this doesn't include CA 125 testing). Is there more that can be done in terms of testing or screening, or at this point if a reoccurrence does happen is there much we can do?


Is there a oral pill form of treatment that can be taken for maintenance? My girlfriend's grandfather is taking one pill a day for his CA maintenance, different form of cancer of course. Thanks for any input on this.


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    Hi Familymemb,

    How did your mom's CT scan go?

    A CT scan would be a good tool to find out if she is having a recurrence. 

    There is oral maintenance for women who are BRCA positive and were diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

    Has she been tested?

    Good luck