Moved up annual scans

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All of a sudden a few weeks ago when I would lay on my right side, as I’m a side sleeper I would have a pain. Nothing severe just enough to get my attention. It doesn’t hurt any other time and I can go about my daily routine not feeling a thing. I decided to move up my scans with a different Dr to get a fresh set of eyes. My scan last July was NED. Praying for another visit from uncle NED.


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    I would have done the same.

    I would have done the same. Nudging Uncle Ned towards you for a visit!

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    They go with the territory




    Many of those extra aches and pains are just free perks that just show up. Hopefully nothing more and that Uncle Ned will show up a little earlier this time.





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    Good move !

    Better  safe than sorry-it'll be nice to get the good news a little sooner-good luck June

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    It's always good to check

    And listen to your body. My thoughts and prayers are with you hoping that you have another visit from uncle NED.

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    So the day before my appt my
    So the day before my appt my PCP calls and tells me my insurance company denied my referral. The insurance company told them there are plenty of Drs in network. Looks like I’m gearing up for a fight with my insurance company. Beyond frustrated. My body my choice.
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    So sorry

    so sorry you have to deal with that.  I had a scan turned down because I hadn’t had a recent X Ray. Go figure....

    wishing you the best of luck in your appeal. If you learn any tricks, please share. I strongly dislike needless buerocracy and even dislike profits before health more.