Visit to Surgeon - Another 4 Months

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We went to see surgeon yesterday in hopes of obtaining date to have reversal surgery done on ileostomy. Should of known it would be something else that doctors neglect to inform their patients about. We now have to wait until mop up chemo is complete which will be middle of July as surgeon cannot perform surgery while having chemo treatment. On a positive note he said cancer responded well to first round of chemo. Husband is scheduled for a scan to see if cancer has spread at end of June and then surgery is now scheduled for latter part of August.

He wasn't to thrilled at the notion he has to carry the bag for 4 more months but surgeon said after surgery he will be completely done. I know some of you may have heard some of the same garble.

I really wish the surgeon would have told us before surgery that chemo would need to be completed before he could perform the second surgery. It was such a let down for husband. Since second round of chemo, husband is on his third 3 day treatment with the bag, he has developed eczema on his hands. Anyone have a special or preferred cream they use or one which requires a prescription.

Thanks, Kate



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    Surgery delay

    Chemo delays healing which is why there must be a break between that treatment and surgery unless it is an emergency.

    As for a cream, any lanolin based one is good...some contain the word "udder" in their name since they were used by farmers on cow udders and it was noted that the farmers had the softest

    Also get a pair of white cotton gloves so that he can slather on the cream at night.  This will keep the cream on his hands and off everything else.

    Reversal delays are not uncommon, so don't plan too far in advance.  Having the bag is not so bad when there is hope.

    Wishing hubby the best,

    Marie who loves kitties

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    To get the reversal is woth the wait.  I got reversed in 2010 and have been NED ever since.  Occasional diareah is only aftermeth.  Good luck to you!!

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    will get some white cotton gloves for husband

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    My reversal wasn't scheduled until all chemo was done either.  This is pretty standard protocol for our hospital.  It has to be a let down but it will give his body time to recoup from treatment before putting him through another surgery, especially if his blood levels have been compromised.  Glad he is getting through his treatment.