Husband 1 year checking in

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Hi All, 

Well it has been almost a full year since my husband's diagnosis of stage 4 RCC with mets on 3 rib bones.  Had Kidney removed in June, and started immunotherapy 7-30-18, checkmate 214 nivolumb and Ipilimumab.  About November he had lots of fatigue and bone pain for about 3 months. We got CBD salve for the bone pain and tumeric and that helped a lot. He also had SVT (heart racing out of control - which is how this whole thing was diagnosed) and had an ablation done Feb 1st.  By the end of Feb he is feeling so much better, has energy again and is able to work in the yard and in the shop. He still has some bone pain, but not near as much. 

Well at the 3 month scan they found a couple very small lung mets which may have been missed in the first scan. But there was hardening of the lesions on his ribs meaining it was dying. He just had his 6 month scan (which was a month late) and NO NEW CHANGE, which is great.  I haven't seen the report yet, but he went for treatment today and text me the info. I think he may actually beat this.  He has always had a very good immune system, so letting it loose seems to be working.  Also he had rashes on his legs for the last couple years, which are now gone, and seborrheic keratosis moles are all drying up and going away. So looking up for now.  Will check back next scan.


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    Sounds very encouraging. All

    Sounds very encouraging. All the very best to both of you!

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    So happy for you both

    II hope it continues going forward-June

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    Great news!

    Great news!

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    Good news, indeed

    And may the good news continue. 

    Your mentioning "the six month scan (which was one month late)" made me smile. ALL of my scans have been late and only seem to get later. I was agonizing over it until I decided to just go ahead and call it (for example) "the - at least - six month scan." 

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    Sounds great! Please keep it going!

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    Love reading posts like this one. Interesting about other ailments clearing up from the immunotherapy.

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    Sounds good. Keep the faith!

    Sounds good. Keep the faith!


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    Great news!

    Great news!

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    Go, go, go!

    This is encouraging. I'm going in for my post-op check. Hopeful!

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    Thanks everybody

    Yes, we are encouraged that this is working. His last scan be for was Oct, he should have had one in Jan. Anyway last sentence said no new disease progression. I'll check back next scan.

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    Great News

    I could not be happier for you both.  Great to see others get a real benefit from immunotherapy.  He will beat this.

    Best Wishes, Fred

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    Congrats and tell him to KEEP

    Congrats and tell him to KEEP IT UP!  We are all sending good vibes!

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    Keep moving forward

    Keep moving forward