The Big Talk Is Tomorrow

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I am headed to SC tomorrow to meet with my oncologist to discuss mopup chemo and where I go from here. What a ride this has been. It has definitely made me think twice about how quick life can change on the spin of a dime. I was going to leave on Saturday but woke up having horrible pain and knew I could never make the drive. I think I turned wrong during the night and strained my abs.  I stayed in bed all day yesterday and babied my "liver side" with the heating pad. I despise taking the pain medicine they gave me (Oxi), but when I found myself in tears, I took them. My appetite has not been great so taking the Oxi brought on nausea. The funny thing was when I finally threw up, it was the most awful bile mixture and I felt better. I get angry when I start thinking a lot and processing too much. No one prepares you for the pain that comes or discusses simple body functions or diet with you. I am very independent and pretty much have always been a "loner" so not being able to care for myself and do things has been a huge eye opener. If you do not speak up and ask, join a board, or read a lot, you are dealing with a lot of unknowns. I have continued to read the "studies" and patient accounts of doing or not doing mopup chemo after surgery. If you had asked me yesterday about it, I would have said "no way" based on how my body felt. I feel better today and I am back at square one trying to decide. Part of me wants to have the port taken out and pretend none of this is real....but, it is. I know it is an individual decision and I guess I'll find mine somewhere. I will not take another "oxi" no matter how bad the pain...the constipation issues are not worth it. For me, marijuana has boosted my appetite and it has provided great pain relief without the side effects the oxi brings. I know it is not "legal" everywhere and I respect everybody's opinion on what is right for them but all I know is it has been a life save for me. Taking all the good energy and thoughts I can get for my meeting with my oncologist tomorrow. Wishing you all good things in your day! Hugs, M


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    Thoughts With You Mojo

    Hoping for all the best news for you.  And a bag of Doritos ;)  (Hope you catch the reference).  I have a medical marijuana card now for about four months.  My doctors recommended it "just in case."  So far I have not filled anything on it, but like you, I am not a big fan of popping the meds until I really need them.  And so far I have been lucky in that case.   The weird part is that vaping wokes the fastest - kind of weird of thinking of smokling when I have lungs full of cancer.  On the other hand, what is it going to do, give me cancer? Cool

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    Tough issues

    I am sure you will face some tough decisions after your meeting tomorrow.  I hope you will give yourself some time to think about it.  Let us know how it goes.

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    I hope you'll get some

    I hope you'll get some informayion that will make the decision you make feel comfortable for you. I was very torn about whether or not to do mop up chemo and was leaning towards not doing it. My onc at the time said she figured it was worth trying even though it was longer after surgery than it should have been. She said it in kind of a 'you might as well' way and did not make me feel comfortable with the decision at all. And then it went south really badly but that's something that rarely happens and not worth addressing.

    My cancer returned after something like a year and a half but I'd been unable to complete the mop up chemo regimen so maybe that's why, who knows. The thing is, if I hadn't at least tried I'd be kicking myself forever thinking it came back because I hadn't done it. It's so hard because there's no way to quantify anything. Maybe it would have come back sooner if I hadn't done it, maybe if I could have completed it it wouldn't have come back at all, maybe it made no difference at all. There's no way to know. And all it does is reduce the chances of it coming back, not eliminate them.

    Such a tough decision. I hope you find peace with what you choose.


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    I wished pot worked for me, I

    I wished pot worked for me, I'd prefer it to long term tramadol and Ibu use, but I worked so hard to get away from it when I was young, that the effects on me now are almost traumatic. It's a shame too since I know how it turns the pain in my ankles/feet into a prickly heat that's quite tolerable. I need to experiment with quality CBD and see if that helps any. Anyway I'm happy it helps you Ms. Mojo, and I hope the meeting and post-op strategy goes well, and the healing continues without issue.........................................Dave

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    Whatever you decide between you and your doctor make sure you never question your decision and that you are comfortable with it.  If you decide to go with the mop up you can always quit if you decide not to continue.  Wishing you the best tomorrow and hope it goes well.


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    What a big day!

    I just wanted you to know I am thinking of you today. I am so glad that the medical marijuana is helping you! I really wish my husband would try it, but the employment laws haven't caught up with medicinal marijuana yet. It is legal to get a prescription here, but if he tests positive in a random screening at work, then he can still lose his job. Yet he can take all the Vicodin in the world and that is fine with his employer if it is prescribed....I want to slap someone over it! There have been some studies showing that it can prevent tumor growth...As controversial as it is, if it helps you, that's all that really matters and I am glad you are finding some relief. 

    Please post back and let us know how it went, of course when you are ready to. I will be praying for you! 

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    Thinking of you today!

    Hoping that you got some answers and are better able to make the decison you are at peace with! Also hope that you are not in as much pain as before and are recovering.more from the surgery.I am definitely thinking of trying CBD oil for aching joints in fingers and knees too.

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    Hope your visit went well

    Hope your visit went well today and you and your oncologist have a plan suited for you. As much as we all like to look ahead but you have to take a day at a time.