Kidney cancer diagnosis

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I am a 41 year old white female diagnosed on March 4 with Kidney cancer.  My surgery is April 5, surgeon is doing a partial.


in 2016 I went to the ER with horrible pain on my right side.  Felt like a bullet hit me.  It was a burst ovarian cyst.  But they also fount a cyst about 3 cm in size on my left kidney.  I was told it was common.  The radiology follow up said a CT with dye was recommended.  I spoke to my PCP at the time.  She dismissed it and actually seemed annoyed that I brought it up.  Tapped on my back, asked if I had pain.  I did not.  She said it was very common too and they would monitor it.  My OB doctor said the same.  I decided to believe my doctors.


fast forward about a year.  I kept having symptoms of a UTI.  Several visits to the doctor showed blood and white blood cells in my urine each time.  But no infection.  I had also developed anemia.  Again I was told this was common with women.  But it got worse.  I finally got a referral to an Urologist from my new OB doctor.  i had a feeling maybe my issues were because of the cyst.  And I mentioned it to the Urologist.  We viewed that CT scan from 2016 together.  He seemed concerned and ordered me a CT with dye the next week.  It hadn’t grown much.  He said he didn’t know what it was but it needed to come out.  Referred me to a surgeon.  Cancer didn’t even cross my mind until I saw the surgeon.  He said it looked like a hard mass to him and scheduled me an MRI with dye.  He diagnosed clear cell renal carcinoma from that.  Something about how it reacted to the dye.  So I went from having a cyst in November to cancer in March.


the cyst is over 6 cm now.   He says it looks like it hasn’t spread but they will do chest X-rays and put me on a treatment plan after the partial nephrectomy.  But it’s a possibility they may end up taking the whole kidney.  Ive been lurking here a while.  Reading personal stories and I decided to join and tell mine tonight.  meet some people that understand what this is like.  I have a good support system, but I still feel so alone sometimes 


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    Welcome to the club we'd all like to not have to join. 

    It sounds as though you've got some good medical folks on your team. Good support otherwise is good, too. The lonely bit? 'Most all of us totally get that. There are times when you just really need to connect with somebody who's "been there, done that." 

    Keep us posted. 

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    April may.

    April may.

    We’ve pretty much all been where you are right now.  Some others on the site haven’t been exactly in this spot, but they are caregivers for those who have been diagnosed.

    You mention you’re scheduled for a partial.  Do you know if it’s robotic (minimally invasive) or open?  There’s some difference in recovery time between the two.  But th3 main concern is getting it out and it’s great that’s already scheduled.

    Whether open or robotic, you have an excellent chance for a full recovery.  You’ll be monitored via scans and x-rays for a while.....five years seems to be the norm.

    We always hate to have to welcome new members to the club, as it means others hav3 been diagnosed, and we don’t want that.  I think I can speak for all of us here that it’s always our hope that no one else has to seek out this little club.  But if they, like you, need support, rest assured that we’ll be available for you all the way.

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    welcome aprilmay77

    Sorry you had to join us, but I'm glad you signed up and posted. This is a great message board group here. The folks here really helped me through when I was diagnosed - answering my questions, giving me advice and pep talks, making me feel like I could handle this. We've all been where you are, so feel free to ask us questions or even just to vent. 

    That feeling of being alone you describe is very familiar. Most of us had that exact same reaction. But know that you're not alone. Your friends and family are there with you, and when you need people who know exactly what you're going through, we're here for you.

    We went through it, so we know you'll do great, too. You've got this!

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    Welcome April

    Sorry that you joined the club. As others Posted there is a lot of support here. You said you have have been reading Posts and you know what's ahead. You'll have a plan with your medical team. The procedure is not fun but not as bad I had imagined. Fill out your bio it helps looking where you're at. Line up help if you can from friends and family. Mundane things around the home will be difficult. Know that there are people here will be thinking about you during your journey. Sending some calming and positive thoughts for you and your loved ones.

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    A lot of missed opportunities



    Its easy to say now, but with a 3 cm cyst they should have acted 3 years ago or at least sent you to a Uro.



    Nothing good about the surgery, but it beats the alternative. I have been without lefty for alnost 17 years and the spare is still wotking fine. We were all scared in the begining.




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    Were here for you


    im relatively new too but the one thing I can say for certain is that the people here are amazing. I too am looking at surgery soon And face the same fear and lonlieness too.  Take solace in the fact that when you feel alone that there are others experiencing the same fears and loneliness You are. There’s a live chat room on this site too. It gets busy at about 9:30- 10EST each night.  Stop by and talk. It helps.

    I find courage from the stories of people who have survived this form of cancer and from the positivity of those here still fighting.

    From my little time here I have learned that the best medicine is to talk with other survivors and or patients. Our journeys may be  different but our purpose is the same. We are fighting like hell.  We fight for ourselves. We fight for our family. We fight for our loved ones. We fight for our doctors and we fight for our fellow survivors and patients.

    I do not look forward to the battle scars that are to come but I do so with peace knowing others here and in my life outside this space have my back. 

    Welcome. You’re in the right place. We’re gonna be here for you. 

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    I just came off my neph a week ago.

    Doctor called me up yesterday and gave me an all clear. The surgery itself is taxing physically and mentally, but it's worth it knowing that that thing is out of you for good. Now what remains is being vigilant and healty. 

    Good luck. We're here for you.

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    better late than never

    Welcome on board!... hope the path from here is smooth...

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    Try to keep a positive attitude

    Try to keep a positive attitude even though I know it can be very hard.  I‘m a 43 yr old white male diagnosed last November with a 6cm tumor in left kidney which was found after I went in for a colonoscopy for rectal bleeding (had a 3/4” cancerous polyp removed).   Left kidney tumor was found from a bunch of ct scans I was given to check on the rectal cancer.  Long story short I had surgery on Feb 18 and seem to be doing remarkably well.  Urologist initially told me they may have to do open surgery and take my whole left kidney but they did a laparoscopic and only took 1/3 of my left kidney.  If the renal carcinoma hasn’t spread and is just in the kidney than you have great potential for a positive outcome no matter how large it is.  My biopsy even showed I had grade 3 renal carcinoma but thankfully I was still in stage 1 (<= 7cm and hasn’t spread) as stage is more important than grade for renal carcinoma.  Grade 3 is second to worst too and has the second most potential to spread but thankfully mine did not spread.  I personally am very optimistic for you and never ever stop fighting!  It’s also great you only have to wait 1 month for surgery as I had to wait 3 months!  

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    Having seen our stories, you will already know this is beatable.  Go through the steps and make sure your doctors are competent. 

    Surgery and follow-up treatments are all necessary but not overly arduous experiences that most of us have gone through.  You have every reason to hope that this will soon be behind you and youtr life will return to normal.

    Best Wishes, Fred

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    Thanks everyone, it is open

    Thanks everyone, it is open surgery.  The surgeon says hes going through the side.  I’m a big girl, so likely the best option.


    Pre op was last Friday.  Now I’m paranoid about getting sick lol they told me it could be postponed 2 months if I did.  On the positive side I work from home.  Take phone calls all day.  So I’m not around many people outside my circle.

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    God is in charge! Praying for

    God is in charge! Praying for you and successful surgery and recovery!

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    Spring thanks for your post.

    I'm sorry that you are going through this. Once the surgery is done and that tumor is OUT, you will know so much more and have a little more clarity on what is to come. Welcome my thoughts and prayers are with you.

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    Spring thanks for your post.

    I'm sorry that you are going through this. Once the surgery is done and that tumor is OUT, you will know so much more and have a little more clarity on what is to come. Welcome my thoughts and prayers are with you.

    I wrote April may in the

    Subject line didn't notice it changed it to spring!

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    Praying surgery went well.

    I had opened surgery removing a massive tumor with the left kidney'.  recovery went well.   i am in terested in learning the treatment plan you are put on.