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Had a lobectomy via thoracotomy March 1st. Right middle lobe. Experiencing bouts of shortness of breathe. Dr says it's to be expected. Had a friend suggest maybe trying oxygen in a can that athletes sometimes use for a pick me up. Have yet to ask the MD if that would be ok. I have used it when I played soccer and ran cross country it was amazing. Has anyone tried this stuff before and if so did it help. I have anxiety so sometimes I make it worse unintentionally. Also on occasion I get a pain in the middle of my chest. Kinda sharp and goes away quick?? Typically if I over do it. Any advice Is appreciated.  Thank yah all for everything. I will consult MD on the pain as well. Sometimes I think I am asking them to any questions. I have come to realize. Cancer is not only a physical ailment but an emotional one as well. My wife has been so wonderful. I owe this woman so much. 


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    I also had a lobectomy in 2020. I Had a bad anxiety attack this past summer and decided to get a can of oxygen. I was at 7000' elevation and it was very hot over 90 degrees. All the trees and landscape was burnt due to a fire and there was just no oxygen in the air. I  haven't used it yet but will take it with me to higher elevation from now on. You can never ask too many questions. Now whether they answer them or not that's another thing. I have been disappointed in some medical experts, paticularly my surgeon. When they are done with their job, it seems they are done with you and so I seek out other professionals and people like you who post on these pages. I find that more helpful than a profesional sometimes. My problems are definitely emotional. So much os this is in your head as well as physical.


    Thank you for sharing.