Couple of days out. A report.

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So, I've been on the up.

Sleeping has gotten progressively better, and I'm trying to stay off of the pain medication during the day. Not that they're as powerful as what they gave me in the hospital, but I'd rather control that as much as I can.

Changed into 'civvies' today and walk around half a mile without an issue. The pain and soreness is still there and I (think) I got some bruising from my pants on my lower belly. At least, my wife says it wasn't there before. Made a few phone calls just to be on the safe side, but it is Saturday. It doesn't hurt.

Had my first bowel mobement since surgery today, which was worrying me. On the upside, I have not bled a single drop of blood through urine since the op. (Good?).

Being a bit congested and sniffling / coughing is a PITA.

I thought I would have less energy, with all this having a less kidney and all, but I don't. I'll get the power nap her and there, but I'm not feeling any less alert than before. As a matter of fact, I would love to go back to work but I moved my start date to a week from Monday. Staples will be out by that time and I should be able to go to and fro with ease.

Still optimistic about the pathology results. Have not heard *urgently* from the urologist, so I guess that's good. Keep reading my CT scans results which read "no metastasided disease", "no mass in the vein" and "right kidney normal" with calm optimism.

I also crave chocolate.

That is all. Will report back in a couple of days.


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    Sounds like

    --- you are having it easier than many of us had. Keep it up, but don't do too much too soon. Fill in your My CSN Space bio.



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    Good to hear

    Sounds like your doing great. Listen to your body it's been through a lot. Chocolate sounds like good medicine. Speedy recovery.

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    When coughing or sneezing,

    When coughing or sneezing, try hugging/clutching a large pillow.  It helps. 

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    one day at a time-

    Sounds like you're healing up well. You've got this!

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    Good Start

    Seems as though you got through that OK.  Keep up the positive spirit.

    Best Wishes, Fred

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    Sounds good.  keep going

    Sounds good.  keep going

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    Glad it's behind you. And yes

    Glad it's behind you. And yes, hugging a pillow when coughing/sneezing is good advice. Did they give you a spirometer (breathing apparatus) to use? I used mine several times a day for a while even after surgery. Helps with lung function.