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still new to here only my second post but I have read a lot one here.

On 2/7 I had suprapubic prostate surgery 

for those not fimilar this is done for bph not cancer 

they do not remove all the prostate just the internal part through the bladder 

I have been very lucky to not have Ed or leakage 

while I am still healing I still feel twinge down there.  Not pain but wierd feeling 

how long will full recovery take before I don’t feel that 


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    Hi Theamos

    Hi Theamos

    I had robot surgery but as with any surgery, your innards take a battering. It is not surprising you feel something.

    You should be being careful what you do for at least six to eight weeks and then ramp up activity not go mad.

    These things take time.

    Talk to your medical team for information and contact them if things change.