Extramural Venous Invasion

Hello everyone. I had my first colonoscopy since turning 50 and the doctor found what he suspected was a very early cancer (he did not remove it at the time but a biopsy confirmed cancer cells). I recently had surgery to remove my sigmoid colon. The pathology report came back as Stage 1. Seventeen lymph nodes were all negative and CT scan shows no mets elsewhere. The surgeon said that the tumor had not gotten to the outer colon wall and that 95% of the time, the surgery is the “cure”. She also said that I will be referred to an oncologist (not for chemo but so they can determine the future testing needed and the frequency). I left her office feeling so very thankful that it was caught early.

Once I get home, the worry and doubts set in (I am a chronic worrier anyway). I start looking at my copy of the pathology report and see something the surgeon didn’t mention specifically ... Extramural Venous Invasion. I know that I should stay away from Dr Google but from what I can find ... this is not good, extremely rare in Stage 1, very high risk of spreading, and would make my prognosis much, much worse than what I am staged at.

Does anyone have any experience with Extramural Venous Invasion being in their pathology report and actually has had a discussion with a doctor about it? My appointment with the oncologist is a couple of weeks out and I’m trying to find out more information and what kind of questions I should be asking. I am wanting to be somewhat prepared going in but I am at a complete loss.

I have spent most of my surgery recovery time scouring the internet and have literally read hundreds of these message boards. They have made me both scared and inspired. There is such an amazing and supportive group of people here. Up until now I have never faced anything serious health wise and have often wondered if I “had it in me” to fight. I hope that if it is ever needed, I will have half the strength and courage that you all do.

I would be grateful for any advice you may have.


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    Hello and welcome. I'm sorry,

    Hello and welcome. I'm sorry, I have no experience with that. I hope the surgery did the trick and you don't have to have chemo but I know if I were you I'd be calling to find out why it wasn't mentioned and possibly look into a second opinion.


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    Get Second Opinion

    Don't ever hesitate to get yourself a second opinion like Jan said.  This is your future and if your are a worrier this is going to bother you constantly.  It's always good to get an opinion just to have a second look at the report.  You will feel more comfortable moving forward with your life if you don't have that nagging feeling of "what if" following you all the time.  Sounds like good news though and you are always welcome to ask more questions.


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    Deep breath

    Wait until you see the Oncologist. Have a nice long list of questions, and on the top 'What is this Extramural Venous Invasion? Is it something I need to be worried about?'    You already know that reading too much Dr. Google can cause sleepless nights, and elevetated stress, and before you know it, you will have convinced yourself that your going to hop up to Stage IV and die.  So, my suggestion is take a nice deep breath, get your note book out, and write all of your concerns down, and then unload it on the Onc at your appoitment. 

    I hope you don't have too long to wait until your appointment.  

    Good luck as you move forward.