Metastatic stage IV bone cancer

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Dear fellow members,


My father has been diagnosed with metastatic bone cancer from liver. He has undergone radiation therapy. He still has lot of pain in his back bone.

He is 66 years old and weak condering his medical history.

I wanted to know whether APRICOT SEEDS are actually helpful in fighting cancer? Is there any side effect?


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    Apricot Seeds

    One thing that concerns me about apricot seeds or any stone fruit, the seed is poisonous due to the levels of cyanide. 
    Upon further research the main compound used from the seed is laetrile and this can be found in vitamin b-17. 

    I am an advocate of vitamins, particularly b-complexes. I had the rare opportunity to take a B-complex formulated in Belarus and it out performed any B-complex I have yet found here in the US. If I had the resources to import these pills, I would get those, but any brand will do, just look to ensure they contain B-17 for the benefits of laetrile which had been used in cancer treatment (apparently controversial treatment). l have to say, your father is a strong one. I had radiation treatments on a tumor years ago and I've been offered radiation again for problematically painful bone tumors, but I've refused because it is so debilitating. 

    May we all find the treatment that makes us who we once were, or a good facsimile there of. 

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    Hi, idea

    Watch YouTube video-a world without cancer. It explains apricot seeds