Stage 2 lung cancer

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my husband is fighting lung cancer.  He is getting Keytruda/Chemo.  He is having good results.  We have two young grandchildren.  I can’t seem to get a clear answer if it’s safe for them to be at around their paw paw while he is recovering from chemo.  Can anyone help?  



  • jorola
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    Things should be ok but ask the oncologist

    or is this the person you already have asked? The concern would more be the kids giving him colds and flus as they are walking little petri dishes of illnesses and his immune system may be weak. Next treatment ask the nurse setting him up to please ask his dr and get back to you before he is done this IV treatment for the day as the grandkids really are missing their paw paw. You could also call CSN at 1-800-227-2345 - they have people answering 24/7 and can help with answering almost anything cancer. They should be able to help too.

    Great they caught his cancer so early! Stage two is very curable. Before you know it he will be back to causing trouble with those beautiful grandkids.

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    Cancer doesnt spread like

    Cancer doesnt spread like common cold but its true that the patient has lowered immunity and any superinfection would be bad at this time so its okay for the grandchildrenn to not play with your husband for a while as any infection received by your husband can halt the chemotherapy and thus the cance treatment that no one wants. Though its absolutely okay for them to meet their granfather after washing their hands etc, the way we deal with newborns.

    I wish your husband a speedy recovery and good health.