Inoperable precancerous pancreatic cysts

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There is a discussion on the thyroid  and breast canecr site regarding childhood or infant radiation for enlarged thymus gland , adenoids, etc. that they fel are related to the unmeasured cobalt used in the late  1930s, 40s, 50s as there are many with thyroid cancer or thyroid disease and breast cancer caused by infant/childhood radiation.  I had a mastectomy for BC myself and have Graves disease besides the IPMN cysts on the head of my pancreas that the doc feels could be related to the infant radiation. I am not a candidate for a Whipple surgery which is the only one that would take care of it so I have frequent MRCPs to monitor and I was told chemo and radiation do not do much for pancreatic cancer so....  I had a friend who went for her yearly MRCPs with no changes in her IPMNs and at the next yearly she was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer as it had already progressed to her liver with no symptoms.  So, very scary.

I have many other conditions that doctors attribute to this so if any of you also are affected please post.  I am also interested in if anyone was diagnosed with osteoporosis and /or scoliosis which apparently seem to be related to it too as it affected the skelatal development and also the immune system.

Thank you.