Severe back pain while on chemo....

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I am curreny on Folfiri plus Avastin. I developed severe upper back pain that occurs in different areas including a shoulder and both collar bones. MRI didn t show anything. Going to a chiropractor and massage. They feel muscle spasms and some areas of muscles are very hard according to a massage person . Iboprofen, taylenor and a muscle relazero don t do much. Initially, I thought it it is because I spend more time in bed after chemo and while trying to sleep not changing positions properly because of a chemo 2 day bag. The last time I wasn t in bed a lot and tried to wear it differently. The same problem. The oncologist is surprised how severe my pain is and thinks the next step would be narcotics. I have no clue what causes it. Possibility of Avastin? Did anyone have anything similar? 


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    i did have some mild muscle pain but was able to cope with it. They told me that avastin and even neulasta can cause this. Mine was mostly muscle spasms. 

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    Could be gallbladder causing the pain

    It's weird but it causes what the call "refered pain" and can cause pain in your abdomen, back, and shoulders, Chemo can cause gallbladder problems, you should have them check and see if the pain is caused by that. 

    Good luck

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    Sorry to hear about your pain

    Sorry to hear about your pain.  I was on Folfiri but not Avastin.  I didn't have upper back pain but did have some lower back pain that came and went.  I think it was the neulasta.  It was a weird deep in the spine pain that would come in waves.  Medicinal marijuana drops under my tongue helped with my pain and nausea.

    I hope you find a way to control it.

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    I've never had back pain with

    I've never had back pain with chemo but I've also never been on Folfiri. Te. what Joan said. I don't have a gallbladder. I had it taken out years ago. But I do remember the pain, which was incredible. It would drop me to my knees. 


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    They know it is a muscle pain. I saw neurologist today who confirmed it. My gallbladder left me during the liver resection. What puzzles them a severity of the pain. Butt.,