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hello, good people. on wednesday, march 20th, i go to see a dr. bruce hershatter. he's a doctor of radiation. to be very honest, i trust the forums much more than a lot of these so-called "doctor review" web sites. my question to you is what are YOUR thoughts on, dr. hershatter? yesterday, i call'd to schedule an appt. with a medical oncologist. his name is bradley carthon. have any of you heard of this doctor as well? please tell me your thoughts.



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    I have never found "Doctor Rating" sites to be objective or of any worth. They usually have very few responses, and are almost always people who claim horrible results, which they fairly or unfaily blame on the doctor.  Most sites do not even confirm that the writer had actually ever even been treated by the doctor in question.  The tone is usually hysterical, and hysterical is neither rational nor objective.

    Any doctor affiliated with a reputable cancer center and board certified in his specialty is going to be pretty good.  I looked, and both of your doctors are prominent staff at Emory, which is the best cancer center in the southeastern US (MD Anderson is usually regarded as "South," not Southeastern). When former president Jimmy Carter needed brain cancer treatments, it was done at Emory.  Both doctors you mentioned have attended the best universities. Dr. C has both a PhD from Harvard and extremely impressive credentials in medical school and residency. Both are obviously brilliant, world-class individuals.


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    thank you

     thank you for your response.  but with me,  sometimes, i care just as much about your personality as I do your credentials.  I guess what I’m trying to ask is there anyone who knows  anything about these doctors bedside manner?