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is there any one on here that takes CBD oils/products/ medical mj as a complimentary treatment? while i don't believe (at the moment any way) medical mj/CBD products can cure cancer I do believe that is is a important complimentary treatment that is just starting to be studied . It seems that it is the CBD products that have the most medical benefit but having said that if you have cancer and the THC high helps you get through why not as long as it doesn't affect your tradional treatments? 

Some CBD products have just been made legal here in New Zealand for pallitive care. Doctors can now prescibe/import CBD products with out a ministry of health clearance.

I am so happy about this.

I would love to hear more from people who have legal access to medical mj/CBD products from other parts of the world and what, if any, benefits they got from it as I find it very interesting.



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    Medical MJ

    When I went through treatment I lived in NC where no form of medical cannabis is legal.  I lost a ton of weight...at my least, I was 78 lbs.  I was able to get Marinol which is the synthetic pharmaceutical version, which did absolutely nothing to help my appetite.  Last spring I moved to FL where medical cannabis is legal.  I use capsules and sublingual drops with a combination of CBD & THC.  Smoking is still illegal here, but vaping is ok...just not for me.

    It has helped me tremendously in a very short time.  It has helped my appetite...I've gained 7 lbs. so far.  It also helps with chronic pain, so the opioids that I've been taking for nearly 20 years are almost a thing of the past.  I've weaned down so much that I'm only using pills once or twice a week.  I'm completely off the Fentanyl patches.  It's also helped with anxiety and insomnia.  I use a Sativa during the day and Indica at bedtime.  It's not for everyone.  It took me a while to accept the psychoactive effects and needing to depend on my husband to drive me places.  It really needs to be treated like alcohol...the same way you don't drink and drive, you don't take medical cannabis and drive.  If you are able, give it a try.  It might be successful for you.  If you are only able to use CBD oil, I've heard really good things about that as well, but I don't have first hand experience using just that.  Hopefully, someone else here who has, will pipe in with their opinion.

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    Thank you for your answer. It

    Thank you for your answer. It is so interesting. i starting reading about medical mj/CBD products when i was going through treatment myself & find it fasinating. i believe the potential for good is huge but is so unexplored. I have read that medical & recreation MJ can really help with addictions, and with you being on opioids for 20 years there must have been a degree of chemical addiction so your smooth transtion off them looks like that backs that up the theory. Fantastic. from what i have read i think the CDB products are medical mj with no or very little THC in them. THC is the part of the plant that gives you the psychoactive effects or high while CBD is the part with the health benefits so if you don't want the high you buy the product with no or low% THC % & high %CBD.  also great news about your appetite ~ munchies fabulous side effect of MJ ~ eating again especially healthy foods can only help you stay healthy Cool 

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    CBD oil can't cure cancer,

    CBD oil can't cure cancer, but it has excellent properties that help.