Chemo breaks

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For those of you who are chemo for life or do Maintance chemo, for how long you were allowed chemo breaks? How often you were getting infusions and I talking about people with infusion and not Xeloda takers. Butt. 


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    Hi Butt,

    Hi Butt,

    My husband has had stage 4 CRC since October 2011. He had 56 different chemo treatment so far. He will start Lonsurf as the last option in a few weeks. At the beginning of this journey he had 12 rounds of treatment and 6 months of break. The disease progressed towards the end of break each time and the cycle started again. Over the years the treatments changed and the lenght of the break shortened. 

    And, he is still here, receiving palliative treatment and will not give up.

    Please take one day at the time! Enjoy the break in between treatments, go home!!! See your family! 

    Sending healing thoughts your way!

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    I was supposed to get it

    I was supposed to get it twice a year. In the fall and early spring due to it making me sensitive to the sun. That's gone downhill due to having things go south with the chemo, bad reactions although it works. This last time I was off it for 10 months and the cancer spread to my other lung, my liver, and the colon again. But I'm back on it now and it's going easy on me and seems to be doing it's job so hopefully I can go back on that protocal in the future. My onc says I'll never get rid of it completely but I can dream.