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I have always been skeptical of probiotics, but recently have decided to give them a try--at least for a month.  This recent article raises interesting issues about surgery, chemo, and the gut biome:

An intricate relationship exists and interactions occur between gut microbiota and colorectal cancer (CRC). Radical surgery combined with adjuvant chemotherapy (AC) serves as the mainstream therapeutic scheme for most CRC patients. The current research was conducted to assess the effect of surgery or chemotherapy on gut microbiota. Forty-three CRC patients who received radical surgery and AC were enrolled. Fecal samples were collected preoperatively, postoperatively, and after the first to fifth cycles of postoperative chemotherapy. The microbial community of each sample was analyzed using high throughput 16S rRNA amplicon sequencing. Compared with preoperative samples, fecal samples collected postoperatively exhibited a significant decrease of obligate anaerobes, tumor-related bacteria, and butyric acid-producing bacteria. However, a significant increase of some conditional pathogens was observed. In addition, the AC regimen (CapeOx) was found to alter intestinal microbiota dramatically. In particular, several changes were observed after chemotherapy including an increase of pathogenic bacteria, the “rebound effect” of chemotherapy-adapted bacteria, the shift of lactate-utilizing microbiota from Veillonella to Butyricimonas and Butyricicoccus, as well as the decrease of probiotics. Both radical surgery and CapeOx chemotherapy exert a non-negligible effect on the gut microbiota of CRC patients. Microbiota-based intervention may be beneficial for patients during postoperative clinical management.


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    Take it daily

    Being that I've got colon out and no rectum figured it couldn't hurt so I'm taking it daily.  Honestly, I'm not sure if it works or not.  Also tried the Kiefer but kept forgetting to drink it and the pill was easier.  Thanks for the post.


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    Take it also

    I also take VSL#3 daily.  As with you Kim, I don't know if it works but I believe it helps.  It is recommended to help with the LAR syndrome, along with other things.  So far so good.