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Hi I have had the brca gene test done in 2017 and it came back negative. I have been told their is another test I can have which is for the plab2 gene I did phone the hospital where I had my original gene test done and they wouldn’t test me for it. I do have a strong family history of breast cancer I was told the only way I get it done is to pay privately which is very expensive. One lady I know she asked to be tested for other genes even know her brca was test came back fine and had the plab2 test done and came back positive. It just feels like it’s offered to some people and not to others, I want the test so it will put my mind at rest. Has anyone else experienced this at all?


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    Gene Testing...

    Forget it.  I was tested for BRCA and a bunch of other markers all at the same time when I had my first round of breast cancer 4 years ago.  It came back negative on all.  I did it primarily for my 4 younger sisters, but would not suggest putting out a lot of money privately for it. 

    Even though it was negative my cancer has returned and metastasized.  Your best defense is regular mammograms.