Recurrence ?

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i was treated for anal cancer in March 2017. I just had scans in December  and everything was fine. I saw my surgeon in June and October for occupational bleeding but I was cleared. Unfortunately I just noticed something that might be a wart the size of a small pea. It itches occasionally lately and it reminds me of my early symptoms two years ago. I am going to see my colorectal surgeon on Thursday and I am so scared that it’s a HPV cancer related growth. Hopefully it’s not cancerous and they can get rid of it. I just lost my mother to tongue cancer after a surgery in March and recurrenvie in the fall(original cancer 2001). These last two years since my cancer in March 2017 we had my mom’s second surgery   in March 2018 and now passing in hospice care at our home this February 2019.  My best friends son is at Saint Jude finishing his treatment for brain cancer. It feels like cancer is our life:( my kids are 10, 14, and 16 and I am so concerned for them if I get sick again ! Have any of you had HPV problems after anal cancer but not cancer? I always wonder what symptoms of anal cancer recurrence are and I never know whether to worry or not !  


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    warts and lesions

    My doctor usually finds some kinds of lesions and growths when I have the follow up anoscopies, but they are always pre-pre-cancerous or not cancerous, and he always removes them.  I was told that if it were to come back it owuld most likely come back in the same spot, so I don't think any new HPV growths are necessarily something to worry about.  I don't think they will let anything new "take root" so to speak..

    I know it's a harrowing time, and every little bump or swelling is potentially life threatening, but just try to breathe and relax and let the doctor tell you if it's worth worrying about or not.

    good luck!



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    Please let us know how it

    Please let us know how it turns out.