Sewing Supplies for Breast Cancer Gladiator


Hello Good People, 

I'm seeking any resources, leads, orgs, groups, or points of contact to help me accomplish my mission of mercy. I am a retired US Marine who has been helping a friend who has endured multiple years of chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Recently, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and she has become really depressed with her life. I asked her today, "What is she thankful for" Because I know personally how tragic chemo is on the body, I know she was telling the truth when she answered, "She was thankful for all the people who have supported her over the years" She doesn't ask for much. So when she started crocheting sweaters, scarfs and caps, I was happing she was keeping her hands and mind busy. The more she sews the better she feels. She recently ran out of supplies so I tried to help financially the best I could with meds and other supplies. I'm trying to find any Key Wives organizations or military support groups who might be interested in sponsoring a care package with sewing supplies for my friend. Any suggestions or feedback are welcome from my military family of veterans and those who support the military.