Step Back To Spring Forward

Hey guys, well, it's time for another procedure adventure. It would appear that I am developing a bit of a suite tooth, so to speak.  This time I was fix'in to get a dilation because my ability to swallow easily had diminished significantly over the past several months and was rapidly becoming more difficult; and by difficult, I mean that any meal would take an average of between one and three hours to complete.  So, after a swallow study and head and neck CT scan revealed that the circumference of my rebuilt esophagus was about a tenth of the normal size, it was time for an exercise in stretching. I gott'er done on Thursday, and the result was unbelievably successful beyond any stretch (see what I did there) of my imagination. Not only can I now swallow effortlessly (hallelujah!!), but speaking intelligibly with my EL has also, very surprisingly, and unexpectedly improved immensely beyond my wildest dreams (more hallelujahs!!).  For the first time in years I am able to communicate conversatonaly,  with family, friends, and anyone who will listen!  It is all too awesome and I must say, I love it, my socks are blown away!  Now I am ecstatic to say that I can, at last, get back to hiking, camping, paddling, backpacking, and yadda yaddaing again.  The down side:  I'll be missing the IAL Meeting this year, because I, no doubt, will be competing on America's Got Talent, doing my ventriloquism act with my pet ten foot alligator, Edar.  So, yes, our journeys will sometimes take us a few steps back, in order to make a meaningful spring forward.  Remember, where ever you are on your journey, that You Can Do This, and Keep It Mov'in Forward!                    



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    Glad Things Are Working Out

    Seems our after-therapy adventures are never over.  I'm glad things are working out.

    Best of luck.


  • wbcgaruss
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    Patricke Sounds like

    You needed a basic procedure to help you swallow but got astounding results more than you had ever imagined.


    Glad you got such good results us CSN folks need a little lift now and then-God Bless

  • ERomanO
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    Excellent play on words, Patricke!

    You know someone is feeling very good about their improved life when they can freely express it in humorous shtick, and Lord knows we can use it. :-)

    I too cheer your positive results and will tip my next cup of coffee to you!

    Happy outdoor adventures to you!

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    Patrick!! I remember what

    an adventurer you are.....but forgot how funny you are!  (funny in the best way). Congrats on your new swallower and new talker....



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    Good News

    With all the misery we experience here it's a blessing to read some great news.  Congrats!