any side effects from radiation that would complicate type1 diabetes

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Recently diagnosed with Prostate cancer Gleason 3+3 6 4 out of 10 core positive. Looking into Cyberknife, my urologist recomended surgery. I have had type ! diabetes for 40 years, and wondering if any treatment would be worse for Diabetics?

Thanks for any input.



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    CK can be an option in diabetic patients


    Radiotherapy is planned in a way of minimizing damage to healthy benign tissues, in particular organs. The isodose plan is therefore decided according to the direction of the ray's delivering beam and the affected field in the path of the rays. Blood vessels are affected and fatigue leads to a surge in blood sugar followed by a drop. This may affect those patients on diabetic treatment taking medication, like you. However, if one exercises control on the glucose levels, during and after RT, (just like controlling sugar intake in diets or with medication) one may have radiation as his treatment of choice. In any case, the radiotherapists should be informed so that he may take careful attention when planning and deciding on the isodose. Injections for insulin should avoid the areas of the skin receiving the radiation.

    Caution goes to the traditional combination treatment composed by an hormonal component plus radiation that may affect greatly those guys with diabetes. Hormonal drugs affect the level of androgens in circulation by disrupting the endocrine system. Blood glucose also increases. I would recommend you to get second opinions from a medical oncologist before deciding on a therapy.
    You may be interested in reading this study on Cyberknife results where 45 diabetic patients were among the total 400 guys included in the study;

    Cyberknife limits the inclusion of certain patients according to several factors, not just the Gleason grades. The PSA and the Clinical stage are accounted by CK doctors. You should check at CK facilities.




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    CK for diabetes

    I have undergone CK recently. there have been rather significant side effects but not, as I understand, due to diabetes (Type 1 in my case).  Bowel incontinence and variability is a sde effect that might affect you, particularly if you suffer from gastroparesis. If not, then CK may be OK provided you watch yourself carefully. Good luck tou you. CK has a good reputation. 


    In my case there were a number of unrelated affects that persist since the treatment twomonths ago. Apart from the bowel matters above there has been blockage of the urinary tract and the need to be cateterized for weeks on end. That has been unpleasant, to put it mildly. An infection occurred which seems to have been handled (fingers crossed) by a non-standad antibiotic. I would be interested in hearing from others who have undergone a similar occurence.