After several Mammograms and Ultrasounds showing calcifications a Biopsy was recommended and i was diagnosed with Benign Flat Epithelial Atypia, High Risk and referred to a surgeon. I met with the surgeon and she wants to do an MRI in a couple of months once the Hematoma from the Biopsy has healed. She also wants the Atypia removed. We discussed several options, 1 removing the calcifications and because of my biopsy results and family history (sister with breast cancer) I am high risk with a 40% chance of breast cancer she is suggesting Prophylactic Mastectomy with reconstruction. Has anyone else had a similar diagnosis? It's all so overwhelming


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    second opinion

    go get  second opinion on them.  take all you doc reports and if the second do agrees then let the 1st do.  but if he dont, then get  third and decide from there.   

    Keep us updated.

    Hug and prayers going up for you.

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    Aunt with similar diagnosis

    I have an aunt who received a similar diagnosis and has opted for a radical mastectomy.  She is in her 70s, and so has opted for no reconstruction, but you may choose differently.  Just know that it is no guarantee either way.  I agree with the previous post -- second and third opionions are a good idea.  Look for a top notch cancer treatment center and ask around for who's the best.  Another doctor may want to take a "wait and watch" approach.


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    Double Mastectomy

    Double mastectomy is no small thing to contemplate.

    Since you are not rushed for making a decision, I would suggest that you get other opinions, research on  your own and think very carefully what it all adds up to, before you make a decision. Perhaps consult more than just "surgeons" in your opinion gathering process. 

    Did the surgeon you consulted happen to suggest close monitoring as a conservative option?   

    Many of the reports today, state that having a family history, (your sister) doesn't increase your risk of cancer by very much.  Maybe 5-10% in most reports.  So try to not allow that factor alone to overly frighten you into any treatment that is not really right for you. 

    I am unfamiliar with your diagnosis, but it sounds complicated.  Do your due diligence and get all the reliable info you can muster, tucked into your arsenal of decision-making.  And remember to take time to relax and be kind to yourself, as you come to your decision(s). A prophylactic double mastectomy is no small thing!


    Wishing you all the best!

    Love, light & laughter, Ink


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    Hi Maria,

    Hi Maria,

    i hope everything has turned out well for you and you chose what was right for you. I just got 2 mammograms and an ultrasound and they found some masses that are benign. The doctor said since there is no blood flow inside of them, they’re nothing to worry about. However I walked away wondering “what is the difference between a benign mass that you have to remove and one that you don’t have to remove?” Was wondering if you knew. Thanks!