Thought I would start a new post since trismus came up as side effect from radiation and treatment. We ended up buying something called a Therabite to exercise the jaw and gradually get it to open wider. It cost a pretty penny and insurance did not cover it, but it has improved my husband’s ability to open his jaw wider and mitigated some of the trismus associated with fibrosis from heavy rads. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, eh? Just thought I would mention it as a possibility for those who have limited jaw opening. We ended up getting ours on Amazon



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    I have had one for about a year and I wished I used more earlier on. I use it several times a day now but the trismus is brutal. Mine was 600 dollars but insurance covered it.

    Considering how popular head and neck cancer is I am really suprised there is not more info on this subject but there just is not that much out there.


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    The main purpose is to get your jaw opening more easily. Grab a handful of tongue depressors and make a stack of them to keep your mouth open, adjust as desired. Price is right - worth a try first.