Who are you?

I adhere to no single religion but because of an experience I had I often speak with a Buddhist nun who recently handed me my **** on a silver plater because I felt down due to the cancer. She was very nice about it and her words didn't hurt at all but they never the less said that I shouldn't stay in a negative place. So in an attempt to get myself back on track I'm going to share a method that may help you realize who you are. If you don't like the path this post is going down by all means stop reading. I'm not trying to pull people in to some strange religion and everyone has a right to believe as they wish. I had an unexpected realization in the past and it helped me a lot so I want to share a method here that may help you have the same. Again if you are uncomfortable feel free to stop reading. I am not trying to force my views on you. Your views are your views.

I will use myself as an example and pretend I am speaking with someone else who is asking the questions. If this post gets your interest you can use yourself and ask yourself the same of similar questions. The method may take a while, a long while.


"Who are you?" "I'm Christy." "Christy is your name. Are you your name?" "No" "Keep going who are you?" "I'm an avid movie goer." "Watching movies is a hobby. Are you your hobbies?" "No" "Keep going who are you?" "I'm a (insert political party here)" "Those are your politcal affiliations. Are you your politcal affiliations? "No" "Keep going, who are you?" "I'm my sisters sister. I'm my mothers daughter" "Those are titles given to you. Are you a title?" "No" "Keep going, who are you?" "I can't pin it down. I don't know who I am. I'm no one." "If you are no one who is it that is speaking to me?" "Everyone and everything."


In reality the conversation takes much longer than that as your mind fights to construct a new identity each time the old one is torn down but that is how the process works over all. Some people might have misgivings at the loss of self itendity and if so that's okay. No one is forcing you to give up your identity. It's just an option and again I am affiliacted with no one religion and I make no money off of any of this. I'm not trying to convert anyone either. I just felt the urge to post this here as a reminder of who I am.