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So I had a trip booked for 2/15 to go to Puerto Rico with my family to visit friends that we haven’t see. Since the hurricane.  Little did I know when I booked that I’d be having a partial nephrectomy on 1/15.  I stand to lose a good amount of money if I cancel, which was what I intended to do until my doc reassured me that it would be completely fine for me to travel 4 weeks plus post surgery.  Now here I am and I am considering going because I really think it will mean a lot to my family.  My kids have been looking forward to it and I also think they are using it as a barometer to see if I feel better.  I think going will make them feel much better.  I’m able to walk 6 miles fairly briskly, obviously I won’t be touching our luggage (my poor wife will have to deal with that) but I can’t really think of a good reason why I shouldn’t go.  I’m definitely not 100 percent yet but I’m feeling very good and there have been no complications whatsoever.  Any thoughts?


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    Common sense


    At 4 weeks it would have been no for me, but at 6 weeks I flew from Michigan to Seattle to see family. I was 59at the time and not able to walk 6 miles. Has your Doctor been nephed so he can give that advise? Its your decision.





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    Yep I thought the same thing,

    Yep I thought the same thing, easy for the doc to say.  But I am surprised with how good i feel and so I think I’m going to go with plenty of help.  I think it will be good for me as well as my family.

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    Are you having an open or

    Are you having an open or robotic surgery? Some claimed they can return backbto a normal life after a month, but i had an open so can't comment.

    And age is something to consider too, my doctor told me he has a patient who returned to work and abke to drive in 1 week after an open.

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    I would trust Stub

    with my life

    Your op was a lot easier than Icemans..

     but the fatigue and the   pain is real

    are you flying from Canada 

    how long are you there for

    where are you staying.. with family


    dont lift anything 

    dont zwift


    plenty of rest

    you will be fine







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    Hi Dominick

    I had an open partial on my one kidney and traveled back home at 6 weeks and to Ireland at 8 weeks - no picnic either flight but the feeling of being alive and able to travel at all was worth it.  I was only walking 3 miles a day, and not briskly.  We arranged a wheelchair for all the transfers which felt weird but we couldn't have made the flights without that help.  I found that lots of tall strong people were gracious helpers with our luggage on the plane.  The things I did not think about were getting on and off a bus or a small boat, reaching up for bus straps, etc.  Nutrition was a bigger concern for me in some ways - when I did not have control of the food - sodium, potassium, etc.  Sounds like you are in way better shape than I am, but pace yourself, plan ahead, and enjoy the trip.  I'd love to visit Puerto Rico someday!

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    I answered in your other

    I answered in your other thread on this topic :)

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    ---ziplines  till next year.





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    If you feel good....

    If you feel good then I say , go.  It sounds like you are recovering well and other than not being able to pick up or carry heavy things, I believe you will be fine.  Plus, the nice weather and being around family and friends will certainly help in your recovery.

    Good luck and take care!


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    I think if it was robotic, a

    I think if it was robotic, a month is fine.  Don’t mess with the luggage and have some really comfortable clothing for the flight.

    Then have a great time in PR!  At least it should be warm.....unlike about 90% of the continental US at this time.

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    My husband had an open

    My husband had an open surgery for his kidney, and started working full time and going to swimming pool a month post surgery. 

    Take care ofd yourself, but I think if you feel OK - then definitely go :-)

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    I say

    Go. You'll regret it if you don't.

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    You know the answer

    Dominick you know your body. Your Dr believes you are at a point to travel. There are as many opinions as there are Posters. We all have had different experiences. Make the decision. What is best for Dominick and your loved ones. There is no wrong answer. From my full Neph at late 50s, I think I was physically capable of a vacation. 

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    If you think you

    Can do it-GO. Great opportunity for quality time and some good ole R & R.  Just DON'T overdue it!!!  I'm sure you're family will keep an eye on you-enjoy! June

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    Don't miss the opportunity to go with your family.  That said, make sure your incision(s) are closed and healing,  let the wheel chair people and luggage haulers do their jobs (sorry, wife), eat in moderation and rest when you need.

    Let us know what you did when you return.

    Happy Travels,


    p.s-I flew to my pot surgical staple removal appt. (for all 67 or the nasty little things) and back.  The drive would have been 5 1/2 hrs. one way; we rented a hotel room at the airport so I could rest before our return flight.  I survived!


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    it helped me

    I had an overseas training just one month post radical nephrectomy. This was something scheduled before I was diagnosed, something I needed at that time of my career for the next step. After the surgery, as I was recovering, discussed several time with my wife about should I or should I not go. Finally decided to go, thinking, it will help me getting better, I will learn something new, and will get to see a new country. If health permits, I am a strong proponent of taking that next challenge... trust me, it helps.

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    Depends on meds

    Seems like an easy choice; Go.  But how long for, are you on meds, etc.

    However you are in control, not cancer.

    Good luck and enjoy the trip, Fred


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    Thank you all!

    For the encouragement and great advice! I am going to go, leaving tomorrow morning. I have been feeling really good, really my only discomfort at all is from my back when I'm sleeping and a bit of pressure near the incision when sleeping on my side.  During the day I barely notice it.  I really think it will be great for me mentally and really good for my kids, who are 7 and 5 to see that Daddy is ok and we are able to go as I know they have been looking forward to this for a long time.  I can tell my daughter despite my assurances was kind of using this trip as a baromoter to see if I was OK.  All that being said I wouldn't go if I wasnt sure I could get the help I need with baggage etc and if it wasn't just a beach/pool trip.  Anyway I will keep you all posted and again can't thank you enough for all the support.  I will definitely enjoy my post neph walking on the beach more then I have in the cold streets of NYC.  


    ps yes Icemantoo no zipling till next year Tongue Out