Metformin vs Megace (Recap of Lost Posts, Topic Created by LadyMox on Nov 05, 2018)

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Nov 05, 2018 - 8:44 am

I am trying to figure out the difference between Metformin vs Megace. I notice some of you take one or the other to help slow/prevent reoccurrences. Do you know why you were prescribed each? Once I get all my tumor info I may want to push for one or the other depending if it seems promising or not. Best I can figure out Metformin is an anti-diabetes drug that seems may help fight some endometrial cancers somehow, maybe but I don't see that hormone drug in the NCCN guidelines? I see that Megace is listed I think as man made progesterone and tamaxifen is an estrogen regulator.

What I am trying to figure out is what characteristics of your tumors that lead to taking one drug or another so I can figure out what if any of the drugs to push for after my standard treatment (hopefully they to my surgery and get my parts off to do a tumor assay ) as since I am likley stage 4 I might push for one of these now as opposed to waiting for a reoccurance to form if they may work.

I also know not all endrometral cancers are helped by hormone blockers but I think mine is hormone based so it might help me, not sure. <-- The most recent NCCN guidelines that was shared earlier by another member



Nov 05, 2018 - 9:23 am

Good morning Ladymox,

Good morning Ladymox,

I am not an expert but here goes and this has been my experience but please talk to your health care provider to make an informed decision. 

In Metformin's PI the indication is for diabetes to improve blood sugar control and improve insulin sensitivity. However there are trials going on right now where they have added Metformin to the treatment plan for women with breast cancer / endometrial cancer that has spread (Mets).  There is belief that metformin has some kind of antitumor properties but the jury is out if it helps or not therefore the FDA hasn't changed the label for any new indications for metformin.

I have prediabetes and PCOS which causes insulin resistance and after talking to my Endo and Oncologist we decided it wouldn't hurt to include Metformin in my treatment plan. If nothing else it helps my insulin resistance and my post prandial blood sugars and as an added bonus hopefully stops the cancer from spreading. I have tolerated it well taking 1000mgs twice a day. If you are prescribed metformin start slow like 500mgs and then increase as tolerated. The GI side effects are transient after the body gets used to the drug. 

The megace as you noted is part of the hormone therapy which is included in the NCCN guidelines. I did take it initially but it didn't stop the spread, made me super hungry and I put on weight. I was glad to discontinue that drug!!! 

Anyway hope that helps.... xoxo