Augmentative treaments? (Recap of Lost Posts, Initiated by Meggie67 on Nov 04, 2018)

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Nov 04, 2018 - 9:03 pm

Hello Ladies,

I'm new to this discussion board and wanted to thank you all for sharing your experiences, wisdom and feelings,  When I got endometrial cancer stage 3c in 2016 after 3 bouts with breast cancer I didn't know anybody who had had cancer so many times.  Now I am finding out there are lots of us!  After surgery, pelvic radiation sandwiched between 6 sessions of carbo/taxol I was cancer free for 15 months.   Now I am taking Doxll/Avastin alternating with Avastin every two weeks for a reoccurrence in two lymph nodes, one a little close to the ureter.  The first two months went well enough but now the 3rd cycle I feel like I'm been hit by a bus.  Being able to do so little is getting me done.

I watched the World Cancer Healing Summit whch had some really good ideas for complementary treatment,  also kind of soothing and I slept through much of it  I was wondering people's thoughts on complementary treatment.

Dietwise, many sources seem to recommend whole foods, as much plant based as possible, low sugar, low dairy, low gluten; meditate, develop a supportive community,  working on a positive attitude...there was quite a thoughtful list.  But I am wondering about ideas you ladies have found helpful.


Thanks to all and blessings,




Nov 05, 2018 - 5:56 am

Weight loss

Hi Jean.  The main thing I've done is work hard to lose weight.  The funny thing is, at my second recurrence I was in the best physical shape of my life.  I worked out at the gym 5 days a week, walked every day and we've always eaten healthfully but too much.  In my case, with endometrioid adenocarcinoma, estrogen is not my friend, and I learned that fat is stored as estrogen which is then available to feed the cancer if it's still there.  After 3 bouts of this cancer, I believed it's always still there, either dormant or growing very slowly.  This kind of threat, I found, was/is an effective motivator.  What worked for me was going on the ketogenic diet for 6 months.  I lost 25 pounds and got my BMI to about 23.5, and the doctor told me to stop losing weight.  I am finding it easy to maintain my weight now that I take Metformin and I switched back to a more friendly diet of the whole food pyramid.  But we don't have any sugar in the house, we don't drink a lot of fruit juice or any soda pop, limit alcohol and we continue, as always, to eat a mostly plant-based diet.  I take a few supplements bc I am vitamin and iron deficient and I take R Lipoic Acid which I believe helps relieve some of my neuropathy pain in my feet.  I think keeping physically active and engaged in the world outside your house is good therapy.  Best wishes, Oldbeauty



Nov 08, 2018 - 8:55 am


Dear oldbeauty,  Thanks for your advice.  I'm aiming for plant based whole food low in sugar, fat and processed foods.  The reality with chemo now is I fall back on grilled cheese sandwihes and toast because they settle thngs down, and boiled chicken and a veggie..   Also meditate to calm the anxiety.  I google minful meditation and the topic I need, anxiety, panic, healing.  Also my oncologist has said that Essiac tea will do no harm so I will try that, maybe after chemo is finished.  Rising blood pressure from Avastin is a concern.  

Best wishes to you also!