Lynch, a hysterectomy, and ovaries


I was diagnosed with Lynch after being diagnosed with Stage iv colon cancer last summer. I’m finally about to be done with chemo, so attention will soon turn to managing the Lynch. I’ve decided on a total colectomy and a hysterectomy. I’m MLH1 and will turn 34 this summer. What I don’t yet know is whether to remove my ovaries at the same time I have the hysterectomy. There is a history of breast cancer in the family (my grandmother and both of her daughters). Genetic testing was done on the most recent daughter to be diagnosed and no genetic component was found. However, I’m still a little leery of HRT as a result



While I fully intend to ask the appropriate doctors for advice when we talk to surgery in a few months, I’m also interested in what any of you decided to do in similar situations. 


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    You can live without ovaries. You may not need any HRT. It will depend on what symptoms you have while in menopause. If you make to let say 5o there may be a talk if hrt but for different reasons.