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I am recently diagnosed with Throat cancer at age 85.  Squamous Cell Carcinoma , starting at base of tongue.    Probably stage 3.  Will see Medical Onocologist and Radiation Onocologist  next week 2-6-2019  to discuss my treatmentt options, if I choose to have treatments.   I have read that Radiation treatment is brutal and also Chemotherapy.     I do not know if I want to go through that.    Other option is to do nothing.    I can eat soft foods, but have trouble swallowing pills.

  Has anyone had Immunotherapy for this type of cancer?    OR any other treatment?

I have a 61 year old special needs daughter who lives with me.  This presents a problem, as she cannot live completelty  independent on her own.  I must make plans.  

I would appreciate hearing from anyone who has had this type of throat cancer and what treatment that they went through.  Thank you.  Mary L


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    See the Head and Neck Discussion Board


    I'm so sorry to learn about your diagnosis. I'm a visitor from the Uterine board, so I can't answer any questions about your type of cancer. But I encourage you to post your story on the Head and Neck discussion board, where I'm sure that others who have experience with throat cancer will be able to help.

    Please do reach out to the folks on that board. I know that you have the additional worry of putting plans in place for your daughter. Perhaps knowing what you might experience from others who have gone through the same treatments for your kind of cancer will help you with your planning.

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    Check your CSN email - i sent you a message.