More surgery for my appendix cancer...

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I just spent 3 days in NYC for appointments at Memorial Sloan Kettering. The conclusion is that now is the right time for surgery; we shouldn't wait.  I don’t have the detailed reports yet, although my surgeon has them.  My metastatic appendix tumor has grown, but still appears to be confined in scar tissue. However, it is starting to press against my bowel, and it’s time to have it removed. No other spots are showing, which is good, as there were some questionable areas left after my surgery in 2016.  To date, there has been absolutely no growth or indication of recurrence there.   My surgeon is very happy that we had all of this pre-scheduled, in anticipation of the likely need for surgery.  We’re anticipating 4-6 days in the hospital, but understand that is not set in stone.  Surgery is set for Feb. 12.

Of interest, I’ve been asked to participate in a research study of genetics vs. mutations.  The DNA of my tumor and of my blood (considered normal) will be tested for both genetic markers and mutational markers to see what, if anything can be learned about this (and other) cancers.   Where my tumor DNA differs from my blood DNA will indicate mutation rather than genetic predisposition.  It should be interested, and I will be given a full report. A link to the study:

My head is in a good place; no panic mode yet! I've known I would need more surgery - the question has been when, and as it turned out, this is perfect timing medically as well as convenience for me and my family.  In anticipation, I scheduled it at my convenience; allowing me to enjoy a half season of curling, and to have my family around me (our daughter lives in Nepal).; Though I'll be down and out for the rest of the winter, come spring I'll be back in my kayak.



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    I hope you are doing ok after

    I hope you are doing ok after your surgery

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    Weaver29 said:

    I hope you are doing ok after

    I hope you are doing ok after your surgery

    I'm doing great

    This surgery was very easy for me.  I'm back to normal diet and driving.  Still need to limit activities, but not much!

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    Thank you

    for sharing your journey.  I read your bio and your words and experience give me hope.  They encourage me to fight harder.

    Prayers for wonderful days ahead for you,