Since we're starting fresh, so to speak

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I thought with the anniversaries noted I'd throw mine in as well. Because I keep nudging my appointments down the line, I'm now 5 months past regular check up times. I did my blood panel a few days ago and my ct scan yesterday, and with the CEA dropping from 2.8 to 2.1, unless something really lousy decides to show up [no onc. call yet] I should have had my last ct on this matter. It's been 11 years 5 months since diagnosis and 4 years 5 months NED since the last liver resection, and it's a rather muted moment for me with all that's transpired, but one I wish on everyone here [if they're not already way ahead of me]. Since I had to go and find another pic for an avatar, I just wanted to be clear that I didn't go and acquire a girlfriend 30 years younger than me, though that would be a NUNYA. She's my eldest daughter Cassie, because I don't do selfies or collect many solo shots of my slightly old self. Luck to us all........................................................Dave


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    Thanks for the encouraging words and explaining about your lovely daughter.

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    Wonerful news!

    Here’s to many more NED year!


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    Looks like we are both....

    celebrating our big FIVE YEARS NED the this year. 

    If all is well with my next blood work in March, I will celebrate in April.

    Love the new avatar.  Still hope you meet you in person, when I head down you way.