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CSN says all posts since October 29, 2018 have been lost.  When I first scanned the announcement, I thougth it read January 29, so I did not think too much about it.  But looking at the newest posts, sure enough, we have taken a time machine back to October, 2018.  It looks like the profile photos and email addresses have been lost as well, so it might be worth looking at your profile to see if it needs a tune-up.

To this, I guess, I can give my standard, post-diagnosis reply to all the things that might have annoyed me in years gone by, "oh well, no big deal, at least it isn't cancer."

Hopefully we can recapture or recreate the conversations that have been lost.

Cheers to all!




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    I also first thought it said

    I also first thought it said jan 29th.

  • Trubrit
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    And ike you, post diagnosis thought 'It is what it is'. 


  • Joan M
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    Glad the site is back up

    Out with the old... in with the new.

    I guess we'll get more topics covered. 

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    Plain aweful

    Ugh, there were some posts that were really helpful that are now gone, and from some messages from members that are no longer here with us. Cry